Prayer Labyrinth

In our grounds we have set up a grass Prayer Labyrinth for people to walk around in contemplation or prayer as you follow the single path around until you reach the centre. There are several ways this can be used and anyone can pray in a labyrinth. Here are five ways to get you started:

1) To ask God a question – Think of your question at the start of the path. Then, while walking slowly around the path as you make your way through the many turns, listen for an answer. Let your steps and your silence invite the presence and guidance of God. As you return to the start, contemplate how the answer will work for you.

2)  To seek forgiveness – As you start on your journey towards the heart of the labyrinth think of what it is you are sorry for – your confession. As you walk slowly towards the centre imagine your sins being left behind you. When you reach the center pause as you pray for forgiveness. Then as you return to the start do so with affirmation – visualising how you can be more like Christ.  Finally remember to pause at the exit and give thanks for your cleansing journey.

3) To remove burdens in your life – as you journey through the labyrinth imagine laying down your burdens (you could lay down petals from a flower as symbols of those worries). When you reach the centre take some time to thank God for taking up your burdens because He cares for you so.

4)  Recite the Lord’s Prayer as you journey through the labyrinth, perhaps praying a different line or phrase on each leg and contemplate what it means as you head to the next corner of your journey.

5) Read a passage from the Bible as you walk into the Labyrinth, pausing in the centre as you contemplate on what it means to you. Read the same passage again on the way out then pause at the exit to consider how best you can apply what you have read to your life

There are, of course, many more ways to pray in a labyrinth, but these are offered to get you started.

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